SYMYNELEC 5GHz/2.4GHz Indoor Security WiFi Camera, Smart Baby & Pet Monitor with One-Touch Call 360° AI Human Motion Tracking Cry Detection 2K 4MP PTZ IR Night Vision 2-Way Talk Siren Works with Alexa


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  • 📶【5GHz/2.4GHz Dual-Band WiFi Support for Low Latency】– Seamlessly pairs with both 5GHz and 2.4GHz WiFi routers, ensuring smooth streaming with minimal lag. Symynelec indoor security camera boasts extensive WiFi range of up to 820ft/250m, waving goodbye to offline glitches and delays. Say hello to hassle-free setup and uninterrupted surveillance. Note: Corded Wi-Fi camera, not battery-operated.
  • 🟢【360° Coverage with Predefined Viewing Angles】– Livestream effortlessly from anywhere, adjusting camera angles remotely via the Symynelec app. Swiftly navigate to desired positions using 6 preset angles. The C5 indoor security camera pans a full 360° horizontally and tilts 180° vertically, ensuring no blind spots whether placed on a table, wall, or ceiling. Experience true 360° surveillance without limitations.
  • 🚨【AI-Powered Human Motion Detection & Cry/Sound Alerts】– Receive instant alerts with AI-driven human motion detection and cry recognition. The built-in AI monitors babies and pets, ensuring alerts are triggered only for human activity, disregarding false alarms from moving plants, wind chimes, or vacuum cleaners. Customize motion and sound detection sensitivity as needed. Stay informed with swift, precise alerts, enabling prompt responses to critical events.
  • 💡【2K 4MP Ultra HD Resolution, 8X Zoom, IR Night Vision, WDR】– Capture every detail in your home with crystal-clear 2K Ultra HD video from home security camera. Zoom in up to 8 times effortlessly to see what your baby is holding or what your pet is playing with. Even in low-light conditions at night, visualize activity within 30 feet with IR night vision. WDR algorithm enhances image quality, revealing finer details in darker areas for comprehensive surveillance.
  • 🕹【360° Intelligent Tracking】– Empowered by Symynelec’s cutting-edge algorithm, this AI-driven camera effortlessly follows family members or pets throughout the room. Unlike others, the C5 WiFi camera breaks vertical constraints, delivering full 360° horizontal and 180° vertical motion tracking. Whether it’s unfriendly, friendly, or furry, it automatically tracks surrounding movements, ensuring comprehensive surveillance.
  • 📞【One-Touch Calling, Two-Way Audio, Built-in Siren】– Stand out from other cameras with the convenience of one-touch calling, allowing your baby to initiate communication with you instantly rather than waiting for you to notice. Never truly leave home with the ability to engage in two-way audio communication by simply tapping the call button within the app. Plus, scare away intruders and avoid trouble when necessary with the built-in siren, microphone and speaker.
  • 💞【Multi-User Access & Multi-View】– This home camera supports multiple users to view simultaneously on different iPhone and Android devices. Easily share your indoor WiFi camera feed with friends or family anytime, anywhere. The Symynelec app manages unlimited security cameras and displays up to 16 real-time videos on one screen, providing comprehensive insight into your home.
  • 🎥【Encrypted TF Card Local Storage or Cloud Backup】– Safeguard your footage with encrypted privacy protection. The camera supports TF cards up to 256GB (not included), enabling local storage of events or loop recording, download, and sharing. Alternatively, opt for Symynelec cloud storage subscription for backup to AWS, enabling instant playback access at any time. Even if the home WiFi camera is stolen or damaged, your videos remain inaccessible to others!
  • ❤ SYMYNELEC offers 1-year warranty and free 24/7 technical support.
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